Heifer International

Heifer International aids people in other countries gain a living, feed their families

Over the past few years, through pop can deposits, we had collected $193.15. With an additional $10 donation at our Missions, Evangelism and Outreach Ministry Team meeting, we were able to purchase:

● One sheep (since we are all the Great Shepherd ’ s sheep), for $120;

● One flock of ducks, for $20;

● One flock of chicks, for $20; and

● Two flocks of geese, for $40.

These animals and their eventual offspring will help five families purchase food, clothes, medicine and pay for school fees. The eggs also will help families form the cornerstone of a healthy diet.

Thank you! Heifer International grows through your pop can and monetary donations. Continued blessings to us all.

A big thank you to Jo  and Tobey, who have taken Heifer International to heart and for years and years have taken pop cans to a store to get the deposit refunds. Health problems make it difficult for them to continue this commitment.

Going forward, the team needs one or two people to see that Heifer International is an important ministry to Calvary UMC, and to other people — Here is how you can be part of the Heifer International ministry:

● Promote Heifer International pop can collection/money donations and bring in and place the pop can containers by the office, or highlight at church entrances.

● Advertise in the newsletters/bulletins that people can donate and buy cows, chicks, ducks, etc.

● Have Heifer International catalogs for people to look at, to choose amount and animals to help families in Third World countries improve themselves.

● Gifts to Heifer International can honor birthdays, anniversaries, celebrate Easter, Thanks – giving or Christmas, serve as a “ thinking of you ” or “ get well ” message, celebrate weddings, etc.

● Quarterly (or as needed) take pop cans to a store for the deposit refund money, give the money to Kim or Char (church treasurer).

Please be a part of the Missions, Evangelism and Outreach Ministry Team, and make a one/two year commitment to Heifer International. Please pray about this and let Johncie know  that God has called you to this ministry. — Rev. Johncie, Team Chair