Personal Needs Pantry


Personal Needs Closet helps many, needs supplies to continue helping

Although we usually focus on the Calvary “Personal Needs Closet” in April, it continues to help several families every week, with personal hygiene items they find difficult to afford. The closet needs your donations of cash or products throughout the year, to continue operating.

Items needed include body wash, deodorant, dish soap, feminine hygiene products, hair conditioner, hair spray, hand sanitizers, laundry soap (one of the most frequently-requested items), liquid hand soap, moisturizing lotions, razors, shampoo, shaving cream, toilet tissue (also one of the most-requested items), and toothpaste. (We have LOTS of toothbrushes.)

Items do not have to be “brand” names. Everything is welcome, but items in bold type, above, are especially important, due to ongoing level of demand.